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Life Choice supply the Zoll AED Plus into UK schools and colleges.  CPR and life saving skills training is important in schools and can be your first aid to provide safety for children and staff using a Zoll defibrillator or AED – automatic external device. 

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere and our website is designed to help you discover why you need an AED in your school.  Life Choice: so you never have to say ”if only”…


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The Zoll AED Plus

Life Choice Supply the ZOLL AED Plus

into UK Education


Life Choice for Sports Safety

Life Choice for Sports Safety


Your Training Package

Your package includes on site AED training for up to 6 people:

*  What is good quality CPR?

*  The Chain of Survival

*  Your AED and how it works

*  When to use it

*  How to use it

*  Final Assessment