What does it do?

Think of an AED as a life saving piece of equipment.  When someone collapses due to cardiac arrest CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) is always necessary.  But in some cases it not enough and you need a defibrillator to restart the heart.  This is called defibrillation and an AED (automated external device) is a portable defibrillator.

Zoll AED Plus with Pads from Life Choice


However your AED should be more than just a defibrillator.  We have explained at length on other pages why CPR is so important in the cases of cardiac arrest and that good quality CPR is the key to saving lives.


A good quality AED such as the Zoll AED Plus supplied by Life Choice not only acts as a defibrillator but also uses voice prompts to guide you to perform high quality CPR.


The voice prompts will tell you how hard to push and how fast you should go.  And if you are not pushing hard enough or fast enough, the Zoll will tell you to “PUSH HARDER” and a beat helps you keep to the correct time and your good compressions are clearly illustrated on the LED screen.


And if necessary, the Zoll AED Plus will shock the heart providing life saving treatment.


Your Zoll will come with both adult and paediatric pads that are placed onto the chest as directed by the visual prompts and the AED will detect when the paediatric rescue is taking place and alter its defibrillation energy levels as appropriate.


Once the pads are connected onto the chest, the technology in the AED will guide the rescuer with proper depth compressions by saying “PUSH HARDER” or “GOOD COMPRESSIONS” and shows the CPR compression depth on the display.  A metronome will guide you to the appropriate speed of the compressions and will encourage you to speed up if you go too slowly.


 Once the AED has monitored the heart, it will advise if defibrillation is necessary and a simple press of a button is all you need to enable the AED to deliver the necessary current.


The Zoll AED Plus only needs its pads and batteries changing every 5 years and you should be able to buy replacement batteries easily and cost effectively and it will work in all weather conditions and temperatures.


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